Australian Freelance SEO Copywriter

Don’t let boring website copy and uninspiring blog content turn your customers away. With a freelance SEO copywriter in your corner, every page of your website will sing. 

Get your words working for you

You’ve got a fantastic offer that you know your customers will love, a gorgeous website, and a wonderful team of staff working tirelessly to make your business a success… so why aren’t the customers flooding in? 

The answer might be as simple as the words on your page. 

Kirsty Ventura: freelance SEO copywriter from Australia

Your partner in writing

Hi, my name is Kirsty, and I’m the ‘Ventura’ behind Ventura Copywriting. 

Sadly, I’m not a pet detective, but I am a Melbourne-based freelance SEO copywriter with over 10 years of professional writing experience. Having worked with some of Australia’s greatest brands and marketing agencies, I offer a wealth of SEO copywriting experience to get your words working for you. 

Cartoon emu with a pen and pad, representing a freelance SEO copywriter.

Why hire a freelance SEO copywriter? 

In an increasingly digital world, companies of every shape, size, and industry are discovering the importance of building their online presence to attract new customers. 

After all, your website, blog, or social media page may just be the only contact you’ll ever have with your target audience. The words you choose to include on those pages have the power to draw your customers in and inspire them to make a purchase, or they can send your customers running to your nearest competitor. 

Be confident that your words are working for you, not against you. Hire a professional freelance SEO copywriter today. 

Picture of freelance SEO copywriter riding a kangaroo.

A valuable partnership

Every brand, every product, and every client has their own unique needs and goals. That’s why you should never settle for a ‘cookie cutter’ copywriting solution.

Collaborating with a freelance SEO copywriter should feel like a partnership based on trust and open communication. That’s why I offer a free briefing session for every client, so I can better understand your needs and goals, and to get to the heart of what makes your business unique.

Let’s get to know each other. Organise your free briefing session today.

What a freelance SEO copywriter can do for you

Not all copywriters are created equal, nor do they all offer the same services. Click on the images below to see what Ventura Copywriting can do for you.

Cartoon of Laptop with the word SEO written on the screen

SEO copywriting

When it comes to marketing your business online, you have to be able to write words that rank with search engines, but sell to people. 

Hiring an SEO Copywriter gives you the best of both worlds!

Cartoon drawing of calligraphy pen representing a professional writer

Content writing

Become a thought leader in your industry.

A strong content marketing strategy builds trust with your target audience while inspiring customers to take action. Get carefully crafted SEO content that draws organic traffic to your website while acting as a valuable resource for visitors.

Cartoon drawing of the email symbol representing email marketing

Email marketing

Don’t believe what they say, email marketing ain’t dead! In fact, it’s as strong as ever. 

Write gripping and intriguing emails that convert your prospects into customers, and keep them coming back for more.

Cartoon Drawing of pencils and paintbrushes in a cup representing website illustrations

Content illustration

Your business is unique and your website should be too.

Get personalised illustrations that help your website, social media posts, and blog articles stand out from the crowd.