The Top 15 Reasons Why People Buy Things

Why people buy cartoon to make life easier lazy

There are many reasons why people buy goods or services. In order to sell successfully, you need to identify why your customers would want to buy what you’re selling.

Once you work out your customer’s ‘why’, you can begin to focus your marketing campaigns around these concepts.

This is a short list following on from this PDF printout which you are more than welcome to print as a reference.

Here are 15 of the most common reasons why people make purchases.

People buy things to make life easier. Funny cartoon of lazy person

– To Make Life Easier

– To Save Money

– To Avoid Losing Money

– To Save Time

People buy things to attract a partner. Cartoon of person falling in love

– To Escape Physical Pain

– To Feel Safe

– For Peace of Mind

– To Attract a Partner

– To Protect Loved Ones

People buy things to gain praise or recognition. Cartoon of person standing on a pedestal before a crowd

– To Be Clean

– To Improve Health

– To Be More Comfortable

– To Be Happy

– To Learn

– To Gain Praise or Recognition

Understanding your target market is a step every business owner should be taking in order to grow their business.

Finding out your target market’s ‘why’ is the best way to work out your ‘how’.

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