What is Keyword Stuffing and Why Should You Avoid It?

cartoon of keyword stuffing
Cartoon of keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is known as a type of ‘Black-hat SEO’.

Black-hat SEO refers to dishonest methods of getting websites ranking high in the Google search engine results page (SERPs). Tactics often used by dodgy copywriters include spam, invisible text and keyword stuffing.

But what is keyword stuffing, and why should you avoid it?

Keyword stuffing refers to the tactic of repeatedly ‘stuffing’ keywords into your web page to artificially improve the page’s search engine ranking.

Back in the early days, this was a relatively successful way to manipulate your search engine ranking, but made for an awful user experience. Searchers would click on a website only to find it filled with hundreds of keywords and no useful content inside.

There were two main methods of keywords stuffing. One method involved repeating key phrases again and again in the text without even trying to hide it. This left the website filled with barely-readable text with little to no beneficial content for the reader.

The other method involved hiding keywords in the metadata, or making the text the same colour as the background so that visitors couldn’t see it.

But if Keyword Stuffing Works, Why Wouldn’t You Do It?

Cartoon example of keyword stuffing

In the short term, keyword stuffing may work, but Google has gotten a lot smarter over the years.

These days, Google can recognise ‘spammy’ websites, and will penalise them. This can involve demoting your website in ranking, or even removing it entirely.

So be careful when writing content for your site and make sure not to ‘spam’ your visitors with keywords. Keyword stuffing can happen unintentionally when a well-meaning but uninformed business owner attempts to write their own SEO content on their page.

Accident or not, it just may hurt your website a lot more than it helps it.

You’re far better off writing relevant, interesting, engaging content that your visitors will love (and maybe even share!) than trying to trick Google into ranking your page higher than it should be.

If you’re unsure how to write effective copy for your website you can always hire a professional SEO copywriter to do it for you.

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