How to Develop Your Brand Identity

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Here are 7 Easy Ways You Can Develop a Brand Voice For Your Business

Cartoon of business owner who has developed their brand identity

The information that you put into your website is important. The way you communicate this information is just as important.

Like it or not, brand development is an important part of your business strategy. A big part of that is deciding who you want your business to be, and what voice it should have.

Your brand identity can be anything you want. You can adopt the persona of the best mate, a parental figure, a teacher, or even the witty wise-cracker.

Just be aware that the voice you choose will come to represent your brand, so you’ve got to keep it consistent.

Commit to a voice and stick to it.

Here are some easy ways you can develop a unique brand for your business.

1. Think about your target market

Who is your target market? What are there needs? What is their background? Their education level? Their age?

Think about what would be most appropriate for your target market. If your customer-base is mostly female seniors, they probably won’t be too interested in a wise-cracking scamp from the streets, so choose a brand identity that suits your target market.

2. Think about what you are offering your target market

Cartoon of butler. What are you serving your target market?

The type of product you offer can also give you an indication of what kind of brand identity you should adopt.

Industries in hospitality or sales have a little more freedom to play and can afford to be a bit cheeky. A lawyer or a financial advisor, on the other hand, needs to adopt a more professional tone that will show the client that they know what they’re doing and can be trusted.

Think about what you have to offer, and what would be an appropriate way to offer it.

3. What voice comes naturally to you?

Authenticity is everything to a business. If your target market doesn’t believe what you say, they’re never going to trust you. So finding a tone of voice that feels natural to you is going to be the easiest way develop a believable brand.

This voice needs to stick with you for the lifetime of your business, so the easier it is to adopt, the easier it’ll be to keep it consistent.

4. Check out your competitors

What tone are your competitors using?

Avoid that tone if you can.

You want to find an identity that makes your brand stand out from the crowd. If your competitors have gone for the buttoned-up professional personality, maybe it’s time to get a little cheeky.

5. Be Relatable

Listen to how your customers talk to each other. The more relatable you are, the more likely they are to trust you. By choosing a voice that your customers are familiar with, they will have a much easier time engaging with you.

If it’s as easy to chat to you as it is to chat to a mate, or their mum, or their teacher, they’ll be more inclined to relate to you.

When it comes to developing your brand identity, you need to spend time creating a believable and consistent tone of voice. The voice you choose represents the personality and values of your brand, so it’s important you get it right.

People don’t want to be talking to a robot, or a faceless corporation. They want to talk to real people. So cut out the jargon and flowery language. Keep it simple and conversational.

The world is filled with a million brands trying to shout over the top of each other. You don’t need to shout the loudest, you just need to be the voice people want to listen to.

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