Great Copywriting Tip #4: Offer Your Target Market Freebies

Give a gift to your target market
Cartoon of business owner giving customer a freebie

In copywriting rule #3, you learnt who your target market was. Now, you need to make them an offer that you know they’ll love.

The goal of this offer is to build relationships and collect potential leads for the future. If you have their email address, you have a method of contacting them. And if you can keep in contact with them, you have a better chance of turning them into a client.

This is a simple trust-building exercise. If you offer something that they’ll love, not only are they more likely to want to engage with your business, they may also give you that all-important contact information.

Think about what your target market likes. Now think of something that you can offer them that they’ll benefit from.

Perhaps a discount, or a monthly newsletter. Maybe you’ll offer them an exclusive ebook in exchange for their email address. Whatever it is that you’re offering, make sure it’s relevant, interesting and useful to your target market.

Who knows, maybe they’ll unsubscribe immediately, but maybe they won’t.

Don’t resent people for wanting to leave your mailing list. It happens. Let them go. You don’t want to waste your time sending emails to people who don’t want to read them anyway.

Making an enticing offer is a great way to generate leads that may develop into future work.

So don’t be afraid to give stuff away for free.

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