Here’s Why You Need to Hire a Copywriter

Cartoon of copywriter at graduation from word school

The decision to hire a copywriter is sometimes a hard one for business owners. After all, copywriters can be quite expensive … but are they really worth the money?

In short, yes. If you hire a good copywriter, you stand to gain more than you think. Here are just some of the reasons why a you need a copywriter writing for your business.

Copywriters are experienced writers

cartoon of copywriter graduating from university word school

Copywriters write words that sell. Not only have they devoted their lives and their careers to the art of writing great content, they’ve also spent years learning about the best marketing practices to suit your business.

Copywriters are educated in the best practices for getting people engaging with and relating to your business. They could literally be the difference between potential customers picking your business, or choosing your competitor.

With extensive knowledge in both marketing and writing, they are experts in the art of converting words into sales.

You Save Time

You need a copywriter because writing great copy takes time. A lot of time. And if you aren’t trained in the best ways to do it, it will take even longer. Not only will a copywriter get the job done a lot faster than you could; as professionals, they’re likely to achieve a much better result with their time.

By hiring a copywriter, you save valuable time that you can then devote to other important areas of your business.

They Make You Money

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The whole purpose of a copywriter is to market your business and bring in more customers. It’s literally their job to make you money.

An experienced copywriter has the knowledge and the skills to help turn your small or startup business into a success. Yes, there will be the initial cost of paying your copywriter, but the money their copy brings back to your business will more than make up for it.

‘You have to spend money to make money’ as they say, and never has this been more true than when hiring a copywriter.

Copywriting is the profession that pays for itself.

SEO Experts

Many copywriters are educated in SEO best practices, which means they have expertise to get your business seen on Google.

Not only do they know how to write the copy that your customers will love, they also know how to include the right keywords and phrases to get that copy seen by as many relevant people as possible.

They Can Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors

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A lot of businesses don’t understand the importance of good copy. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for websites, sales letters, brochures or emails; words count.

If you’re the one business in your industry who took the time to hire a copywriter, your business is more likely to stand out with relevant, engaging content that people will love. Not to mention the fact that a business that takes the time to perfect their copy is more likely to earn the trust and respect of their target market.

A website filled with spelling errors and clunky, unprofessional writing is hardly going to inspire trust. Copywriters can set you up as a trustworthy expert in your field.

An Objective Eye

Let’s face it. While you may be the expert on your business, you’re also going to be a little bit biased. It’s your baby, after all, and you’re probably too close to it to be able to see clearly how you should market it.

A copywriter will be able to offer an objective and professional view on the strengths and weaknesses of your business and how best to market it to your target market.

They Offer Advice

Copywriters are experts. In your conversations with your them, you may just find yourself learning something new that totally transforms your understanding of marketing, running a website, or even running your business.

When hiring a copywriter, you don’t just pay for their words, you pay for their knowledge and experience.

So if you want to learn how best to market your business, you need to hire a copywriter.

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