Why Web Designers Should Collaborate With a Freelance Copywriter

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7 Reasons Why Web Designers and Freelance Copywriters are a Match Made in Heaven.

A web designer and a copywriter. Has there ever been a more perfect partnership?

When it comes to collaborating as a web designer, you really should look into finding yourself a freelance SEO copywriter that you can trust. You stand to gain a lot from the partnership, whether you work together directly or simply refer your clients on to them.

Here are 7 ways that a web designer can benefit from working with a freelance copywriter.

You save time

So you’ve almost completed the project and all you need are the words to put on the page. The problem is, your client is taking forever to write them. Now you’re stuck, waiting for them to get their bum into gear (which they never do). Suddenly a quick job drags on into weeks or months. It’s a complete waste of time!

You could try writing the words yourself, but it’s time-consuming, you’re not a professional writer, and it really shouldn’t be your responsibility. And good luck drawing any information out of your client to help you.

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Enter the copywriter. It’s a copywriter’s job to ask the right questions and write the high quality content that your website needs. And because the two of you are working on the same project at the same time, you can slash the time it takes you to complete the job.

At the end of the day, web designers don’t write copy and copywriters don’t code. By working together you can focus on your areas of expertise and get things done to a higher standard … in just half the time!

Work with someone who understands what you need

Most clients don’t understand what a website needs to succeed. If you’re relying on your client for the words, you’ll likely be disappointed with what you get. You’ll probably have to change half of it anyway because your client is unlikely to be writing with SEO in mind.

SEO copywriters already understand the intricacies of writing for the web. They know about title tags, headings and keyword research, and they’re trained to write for search engines as well as people. This means that the copy you end up with will be high quality and ready to go online.

You develop a working relationship

Once you find a copywriter that you like, you can begin to develop a strong partnership with them. The longer you work together, the more you’ll come to understand each other’s processes and needs. Over years of collaboration, the relationship between a web designer and a copywriter will develop into a well-oiled machine: efficient and productive.

The more your copywriter comes to understand the web design process, the better they will be at writing what you need to make your job easier. No more explaining your requirements or how SEO works!

And while they’re learning about your web design process and how to work with you, you may just find yourself learning a thing or two about copywriting as well.

Jack of all trades, a master of one

You specialise in web design. That’s your job, that’s what you’re good at, and that’s what you enjoy doing. But there’s a way your business can offer all the services your client needs, without becoming too much of a generalist.


By outsourcing copy and content writing to a professional writer, you can remain a specialist in your industry, while gaining the benefits of offering your clients a little bit more. Now you can focus on your strengths while your copywriter can focus on their’s; and together you can create a fantastic website that your client will love.

Expert writing

You should never underestimate the power of good writing.

But let’s face it, you’re not a professional writer and neither is your client.

If you’re sick of designing an absolutely killer website, only to have it ruined by your client’s terrible, error-filled copy, then a copywriter can help you.

The best web design in the world can all be undone if the words on the page don’t reflect the quality of your design. By working with a professional, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting great web content that complements your website rather than detracting from it.

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Offer the ‘full package’

You’ll find that many of your clients would prefer to handball the responsibility of marketing and website design to the professionals. It always pays to be able to offer more services to your clients. Even if you can’t write the copy yourself, you can still refer your client on to someone who can.

By teaming up with a copywriter, you can offer your clients more of a ‘complete package’. This will not only paint you as well-connected within your industry, it will also show that you’re a professional who understands and cares about the needs of your clients. By taking the time to find a good copywriter, you’re proving to your clients that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them.

Many copywriters are also expert content writers. Content marketing is such a huge part of marketing a business online these days. But with so many ‘professionals’ flooding the market, it can be hard to know who to choose. Many business owners would be grateful to you for sorting through the mess for them and pointing them in the right direction.

A web designer that proves they’re willing to go a little further for their clients will find a much more grateful and loyal customer-base who is more likely to refer your services on to others.

You get more work

You know who else will be grateful to you? Your copywriter! You did just give them work, after all.

Just like you, copywriters often work closely with new businesses who need a website. By recommending your freelance copywriter, they will be more likely to recommend you to their clients as well. After all, the ability to offer clients more services is just as beneficial to a copywriter as it is to you. If you become their go-to web designer, you’ll find that they’ll start pointing clients your way too.

This kind of ‘give and take’ relationship is what makes the collaboration between copywriters and web designers so powerful.

When it comes to collaboration, there really are few partnerships more powerful than that between a person who designs websites, and a person who writes for them. By teaming up with a copywriter, it won’t take you long to discover the benefits of collaboration.

So find yourself a copywriter you like and trust, so you can discover why a web designer working with a copywriter really is a match made in heaven.

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