Great Copywriting Tip #2: Write In a Conversational Tone

Cartoon of a sales robot
Cartoon of robot. Salesy robot instead of using a conversational tone

People want to be able to relate to you on a human level, they don’t want to be stuck talking to a lawyer (unless you are a lawyer) or a robot (unless you are a robot).

In marketing it’s important, whether online or on paper, to write as though you were having a conversation with your customer. But how do you write in a conversational tone?

Try reading your copy out loud to a friend or family member. If it feels natural, great work! But if you feel awkward or overly formal; or find yourself tripping over your own words, try rewriting your copy to be more relatable.

There are many easy ways to maintain a conversational tone:

. Use contractions such as ‘it’s’, ‘you’ll’ and ‘you’re’. People tend to use contractions when they’re talking to one another, so include them in your copy as well. (Note: older readers were traditionally brought up with a more formal writing style where contractions may not have been considered acceptable. Always keep in mind who your target audience is.)

. Use simple words

. Use ‘you’ and ‘I’

. Keep it short

. Make it personal: know who your target audience is, what they’re interested in and how best to talk to them. Knowing who you’re talking to makes it easier to imagine chatting with them.

When writing marketing material for your business it’s important to always maintain a conversational tone that makes your business more relatable. So keep it natural.

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