Learn to Fail

Cartoon of scientist making a mistake and learning from his failures after dropping a test tube on the floor
Cartoon of a scientist making a mistake and learning from his failures. Dropping test tube.

The most successful people in the world all have one thing in common.

They all have a healthy relationship with failure.

As children we’re taught to fear failure. To avoid it like the plague. But if we’re too afraid to fail, how will we ever learn? How will we ever grow?

Would Monet have learned to paint if he’d not first learnt how to fail? 

Do you think we would have penicillin today if the somewhat clumsy Sir Alexander Fleming didn’t know how to learn from his mistakes? 

Failure is just a by-product of experimentation, and experimentation is the only way to grow. Once you understand why you failed then you know how to improve for the future. 

So stop thinking of failure as a bad thing and instead recognise it as a learning tool.

The day you stop failing is the day you’ve stopped growing, so start learning how to fail the right way, and turn those mistakes into opportunities.

Make a game of it! Ask yourself ‘how many times can I fail this week?’ 

Whether you’re sending out cold emails, marketing online, or trying to find new clients,  use your failures to gauge what works and what doesn’t. By recognising the things that don’t work, you can work out the things that do. 

It’s true that if you don’t try you won’t fail, but you also won’t learn. So keep failing and one day you’ll realise that you’re doing a lot more trying (and succeeding) and a lot less failing.

Learn to accept failure. The day you can fail without giving up on your dreams is the day you become unstoppable.

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