Great Copywriting Tip #3: Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

You don’t just need to know who your target market is, you need to understand what they want as well. Be interested in them. What are their likes and dislikes? What are their needs? Their hobbies? Their experiences? The more you can empathise with your target market, the more you’ll be able to relate to them and make them offers that they genuinely want. You need to be able to walk a mile in theirContinue reading “Great Copywriting Tip #3: Walk a Mile in Their Shoes”

Why Web Designers Should Collaborate With a Freelance Copywriter

7 Reasons Why Web Designers and Freelance Copywriters are a Match Made in Heaven. A web designer and a copywriter. Has there ever been a more perfect partnership? When it comes to collaborating as a web designer, you really should look into finding yourself a freelance SEO copywriter that you can trust. You stand to gain a lot from the partnership, whether you work together directly or simply refer your clients on to them. HereContinue reading “Why Web Designers Should Collaborate With a Freelance Copywriter”

Great Copywriting Tip #2: Write In a Conversational Tone

People want to be able to relate to you on a human level, they don’t want to be stuck talking to a lawyer (unless you are a lawyer) or a robot (unless you are a robot). In marketing it’s important, whether online or on paper, to write as though you were having a conversation with your customer. But how do you write in a conversational tone? Try reading your copy out loud to a friendContinue reading “Great Copywriting Tip #2: Write In a Conversational Tone”

Great Copywriting Tip #1: Keep it Simple

You’re smart. If you’re taking the time to look into copywriting for your business, you’re clearly ahead of the game. But you don’t have to constantly prove it to people, especially when marketing your business. True intelligence is being able to explain the most complex of ideas in the simplest of ways. It’s not about showing off your vocabulary, or demonstrating your intelligence. Trying too hard to look intelligent quite often results in people thinkingContinue reading “Great Copywriting Tip #1: Keep it Simple”

How to Use Keywords to Improve Your SEO

You’ve probably heard the term ‘keywords’ a lot in the process of building your website, and perhaps you’re wondering what exactly that means and why they’re so important to your SEO. Keywords are the words and phrases that you would expect people to type into search engines in order to find your website. Obviously if those words aren’t actually in your website, then you’re unlikely to to be found, so it’s important to weave theseContinue reading “How to Use Keywords to Improve Your SEO”