How to Find a Copywriter and 7 Things to Look Out For

There are many freelance copywriters out in the world with a wide variety of skills and skill levels. Sometimes it can feel impossible to know which one to pick. Here are seven things to look out for when trying to find a good, professional copywriter who’ll write excellent copy for your business. Are They a Copywriter, an SEO Specialist or an All-Rounder? Make sure that you actually find a copywriter, or even better, an SEOContinue reading “How to Find a Copywriter and 7 Things to Look Out For”

How To Define Your Target Market

Many business owners, when asked who their target market is, tend to think big. ‘Everyone!’ They declare. But trying to advertise to everyone is expensive, time consuming, and if you’re a small or startup business, downright impossible. And those are just a few of the reasons why you need to define your target market. By not defining a target market, you end up wasting time and money advertising to customers who aren’t even interested inContinue reading “How To Define Your Target Market”

The Top 15 Reasons Why People Buy Things

There are many reasons why people buy goods or services. In order to sell successfully, you need to identify why your customers would want to buy what you’re selling. Once you work out your customer’s ‘why’, you can begin to focus your marketing campaigns around these concepts. This is a short list following on from this PDF printout which you are more than welcome to print as a reference. Here are 15 of the mostContinue reading “The Top 15 Reasons Why People Buy Things”

Why You Need to Determine Your Target Market

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, you need to determine your target market. The sooner you can identify who you’re selling to, the sooner you can start tailoring your marketing campaigns to them. The more targeted your marketing and copywriting is, the more successful it will be. But why is this? Why is it so important to target a specific audience? No one wants to feel like they’re just a number, whichContinue reading “Why You Need to Determine Your Target Market”

Is Procrastination Ruining Your Life?

7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating (and Get Back to Marketing Your Business) You’ve got two blog posts to finish, a brochure to write, and you really need to get onto that sales letter you’ve been meaning to send out for weeks. But the next thing you know, you’ve paired all your socks, you’ve alphabetised your bookcase, and you’ve just begun to learn how to bake your own bread. Uh oh, you’re procrastinating. Procrastination is oneContinue reading “Is Procrastination Ruining Your Life?”