Freelance Copywriter

Calling All Business Owners Looking For a Freelance Copywriter in Australia

. Are you looking to market your business? 

. Do you want killer copy but don’t know how to write it?

. Do you simply have no time to write the words you know will sell?

The great news is, you don’t have to!

Because a freelance copywriter can do it all for you.

You know that every business needs a brand identity.  How else would you tell your story and engage with your target audience? At Ventura Copywriting, I’ll capture your business’ unique voice and turn it into words that sell.

In your free briefing session, we’ll be able to discuss your values and goals, as well as your USP (Unique Sales Proposition), target audience and everything there is to know about your business, so you can be confident that you’ll have irresistible copy tailor-made to suit your Australian business. 

With two free sets of revisions, if your copy isn’t quite what you expected on the first draft, we can discuss the changes you would like made and alter it to your needs. So you can be confident that you’ll get great copy, the way you want it. 

Don’t have a brand identity?

That’s okay. Our briefing session will help you find your unique ‘voice’.

What can I write for you?

. SEO Web Copy

. Direct mail

. Newsletters (Digital and printed)

. Blogs

. Social Media

. Brochures and sales letters

. Flyers

. Magazine articles

. Print advertisements

. Press advertisements

. Signage/ Point of Sale

. Events/Announcements

So what can you expect?

. A professional freelance copywriter in Australia

. Expert briefing call

. A unique brand voice

. Gripping headlines

. Expert SEO content

. Advice on how to optimise your website

. Timely delivery with a smile

Let’s Work Together

With a degree in Professional and Creative Writing, a Certificate in Digital Marketing, three certificates in Copywriting and SEO Copywriting, and over 10 years of writing experience, you can relax knowing your business is in good, professional hands.

Contact me below to schedule your free briefing call at a time that suits you.

Want to know more?

I’d love to hear from you. So let’s have a chat about what your business needs.