Are you looking for professional copywriting services that make your business shine?

A freelance SEO copywriter can write the copy you need to get your business selling.

And all it takes is a phone call!

Who Am I

My name is Kirsty Ventura.

Sadly I’m not a pet detective, but I am a Melbourne-based SEO copywriter with over 10 years of professional writing experience.

As a copywriter, it’s my job to write the words that sell for your business. Having worked with some of Australia’s greatest brands and marketing agencies, I can offer a wealth of copywriting experience across a range of industries.

From brochures and flyers all the way through to landing pages and blog content, I’ve done it all.

Whatever your business needs, you can be confident that I’ll deliver the copy that your customers can’t resist.

Who are you

Maybe you’re a business owner, sick of poor quality copy that does more harm than good for your business. Or perhaps you’re a marketing agency looking for an experienced copywriter who’s used to the fast-paced nature of your industry.

Whatever your situation, you need someone who knows how to talk to your target market, and how to get them talking back. You need someone who works quickly and efficiently, and you need someone who cares about you and your goals, and is committed to delivering the copy that best reflects your brand.

You need me: an Australian freelance SEO copywriter.

Why hire an SEO Copywriter from Melbourne?

Words sell. 

And as a freelance copywriter, I know which words will sell. I can harness your brand voice, capture your brand identity, and turn it all into quality copy that helps make your brand a success.

My job is to help you make money.

So hire a freelance copywriter and invest in your success, because Copywriting is the profession that literally pays for itself. 

My areas of specialty

Don’t believe what they say, many copywriting ‘specialists’ aren’t quite as specialised as they would have you believe. And a business could waste weeks trying to find a different copywriter to suit each of their needs. Would you not rather form a strong working relationship with a single copywriter who has the experience to do it all?

I’m not a specialist and I’ve never claimed to be. My area of specialisation is writing, and I’m a good writer whether I’m writing a webpage, an email, or a flyer.

Besides, we already have a specialist.


You are the expert in your industry, and it’s my job to turn your vast wealth of knowledge into words that sell.

That’s why I believe in becoming a specialist in my clients: getting to know your business back to front, inside out, and upside down. I believe in developing strong and collaborative working relationships in order to harness your knowledge and capture the spirit of your brand.

What Australian copywriting services do I offer?

Having worked with various marketing agencies and brands throughout my career, I have extensive experience with copywriting in all its forms, and in some of the most fast-paced industries on the planet.

Check out my copywriting services below: